This workshop is intended to update Medical Interpreters with the latest peer-reviewed research evidence using nutritional principles to significantly improve, and in some cases, reverse the onset and progression of diabetes.

Participants will learn the facts, figures, and available options for people to make informed decisions on nutrition and lifestyle.

This course is designed to be taken by students or professionals interested in learning more about the principles of health literacy  applied to nutrition.

The students will receive an introduction to health literacy and its impact on people's nutrition, health status, and general well-being when exposed to the Standard American Diet, or westernized diets.

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This workshop is intended to update Medical Interpreters on the basic concepts of Nutrition and its connection with diseases, particularly chronic diseases with figures and facts, and learn how to handle a medical encounter that involves nutrition as part of patient education.

Participants will learn the specific characteristics of practicing in advanced settings and will be equipped with techniques, terminology, and strategies to reach the next level in their profession, and maintain the integrity of Professional Standards of Practice.